Happy birthday Julie Andrews!!! #julieandrews #birthday #loveher #shesamazing #marypoppins
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Croc Tail / Mike Korostelev
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Late lunch with my man crush :) #mancrushmonday #subway #harborspot @1oser1014  (at Harbor Spot)
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My model sisters and their crazy followers and me…and my cat. #instacat #followers #models #stunnas @gilks @jorigilkey
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My beautiful sisters :) #wcw #sisters #lovethem #disneyland #beautiful there’s nothing I’m more proud to say I am in this world than these two ladies’ sister. Regardless of our age gaps I will do anything to protect them. They are my best friends and have helped me through all of the struggles of life. I love you guys so much :) @gilks #biglittlesister @jorigilkey #littlebigsister
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The Great, Great Showdown Hunt… PART 3
(Austin edition)
Alright, Austin!  I am heading back to New York!  Thank you so much for being so amazing!  I left one last painting for you to find!
I have left this little painting for you at the place in which this scene was filmed. Well, actually there were a number of scenes that took place here involving these two dudes.  One guy really gets pushed around by the other guy.  He should stand up for himself, but it’s tough when it’s your boss.  A common problem some of us have.
So go there! The first person to find this painting can keep it! A gift from me to you.
Just remember to tweet me a picture of it or something similar.
The hunt is on, you guys!!   See you next time!!
UPDATE: The painting has been found!! Thank you for looking, you guys!!
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